Monday, 21 December 2009

Tools and Apps to use with NaijaPulse

Find below a list of tools and applications that you can use with NaijaPulse

Posting a Message
HelloTxt - Post updates to NaijaPulse from HelloTxt.
Twhirl - Post updates to NaijaPulse from Twhirl.
RSS Feed to NaijaPulse
Twitterfeed - Automatically update your NaijaPulse account from any (RSS or Atom) feed.
On the Iphone
Nambu - Post to NaijaPulse from this FREE Iphone app on itunes.
LaTwit - Iphone app on itunes.
Moconica - Point your iphone browser to, enter your NaijaPulse login details.
Facebook Application - Post directly from facebook and automaticaly update your facebook status.
Widgets & Badgets
Widget - Visit to get a NaijaPulse widget to display on your web page.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

Tweetie configuration for NaijaPulse

You can post to NaijaPulse from Tweetie iphone app using the following configuration

Wednesday, 4 November 2009


Let visitors to your blog or web page know what you’re up to, you can display a widget of you and your friends’ latest conversations on your blog or webpage.

Copy the code below and post it unto your blog:

<script type="text/javascript" src="">     {        "user":"technosexy",        "width":"250",        "heigth":"300"     }     </script>
How to use the badge:
You can adjust the height and width to suit your needs
  • Click an avatar and the badge will refresh with that user's timeline
  • Click a nickname to open a user's profile in your browser
  • Click a notice's timestamp to view the notice in your browser
  • @-replies and #tags are live links
Optional parameters for the badge:
If you know how to, you can use these additional parameters to customize your NaijaPulse widget. If you dont how, dont worry the above script will work just fine.
  • user : defaults to user 1 (@technosexy)
  • headerText : defaults to '@username on NaijaPulse'
  • height : defaults to 350px
  • width : defaults to 250px
  • background : defaults to #80B34B.
  • border : defaults to 1px solid black
  • userColor : defaults to whatever link color is set to on your page
  • headerBackground : defaults to transparent
  • headerColor : defaults to white
  • evenBackground : defaults to #fff
  • oddBackground : defaults to #eee
  • thumbnailBorder : 1px solid black
  • thumbnailSize : defaults to 24px
  • padding : defaults to 3px
  • server : defaults to

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Hello World!

We have just launched NaijaPulse, a microblogging service where you can share notices (otherwise known as pulses) about yourself with friends, family, and colleagues.

We are still busy putting everything together for you, please be sure to come back here to read about the features and other great content about NaijaPulse.

Meawhile, head over to and get pulsing.

Thank you and see you at the other end.